A devastating cyclone in Orissa leaves Jena and his ten-year-old daughter Phulki separated from the rest of the family. After surviving through flash floods holding on to a branch of a tree, when Jena looks for the rest of his family the records state them as dead. Jena realises that his hut, his piece of land and his cow have all been destroyed by the fury of nature. Jena and Phulki find themselves on a train heading towards Calcutta with other refugees from the cyclone affected regions. The film details Jena’s struggle for survival in the bustling metropolis of Calcutta where he has to contend with another kind of persecution and hostility, this time at the hands of humans. Jena has to leave Phulki at the mercy of some good Samaritans in the refugee slums and look for work. Phulki is all the family he has and every moment away from her in his attempts to make a living he is plagued by worries and a strange fear for her. Jena and Phulki who managed to survive the hostility of nature but can they survive the hostility of humans.


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Story : Atul Pandey

Rest of the crew to be finalised

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