About Nikita Rose

Nikita Rose is an 18-year-old Indian singer with a dream of an abode in the skies. She has been a Music enthusiast since childhood. She still recalls – ‘play her favourite song and suddenly a crying baby would transform into a happy, chirpy child’.

Later, when she was about 8, she saw the music video "The Scientist" by Coldplay. She calls it the life changing moment or rather a self-discovery occurrence. From that day onwards, Nikita Rose knew she had to be a part of this delightful, magical world of sound and music and by the time she turned 13, she was already deep into self-voice-training and had started singing covers.

Nikita Rose had dreamt to be a singer and nothing would deter her. She pursued with little or no help knowing that someday she will make people believe in her craving. Online training videos were a great assistance. Small appreciation started trickling in from YouTubers and that was a perfect support. Need to learn an instrument was quenched when she bought a guitar. Over the years, she has additionally indulged in learning piano. She now plays the Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele and Piano and intends to learn to play the Violin in future.

Nikita Rose has great interest in writing songs and creating soulful music. She looks forward to build collaborations with like-minded musicians from world over.

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