Money Devo Bhava


Aditya has got it all - the looks, the talent, the intelligence. Soccer star, computer wiz, the ‘go to man’ for everything of consequence at an Institute of Technology in Dehradun.

What he doesn't have is Vitamin M – the moolah. With a principled father who hasn’t succumbed to the lure of easy money in 26 years, fukkrapan is something Adi has gotten used to. So i Phones, bikes, a mac book, Goa holidays, dinner at a fancy hotel are all just pipe dreams. This also explains why despite all his obvious attractions, there is still no romance in his life.

Adi is head over heels in love with Nina. And she seems to like him. But she’s rich and fashionable. He’s middle class and doesn’t have the brands. There’s a money gap here that’s got to be filled. Even if she doesn’t seem to care there’s the matter of her friends, the social set she hangs out with, the peer group Adi now dreams of being a part of.

This is where Raghav comes in. He’s a veritable Machiavelli who has been waiting for a pawn like Adi. As he puts it – “There are more than 10 lakh, crorepatis in this country who won’t even notice if 20–30K vanish from their bank accounts.” His master plan – credit card scam as a starter leading to cyber fraud - phishing schemes – gaining access to rich folks’ bank accounts and stealing their money.

Consumed by greed and the desire to have the good life now, Adi is more than willing to be Raghav’s tool.

Pretty soon the chappar literally fatoes and this gang has all the money, all the goodies they craved for. Life couldn’t be better – Money is God and this kid is its’ patron saint.

Only he hasn’t yet figured that in life everything comes at a cost.

And when the time comes for the final reckoning, it won’t just be Adi who pays the price but everyone around who loves him as well…

MONEY DEVO BHAVA – a topical tale of youthful greed and consumerism, a no holds barred portrait of kids as they are today…



Nina Sarkar

Amol Parashar

Ajay Rohilla

Sanjeev Tyagi

Venki Av

Pooja Ruparel


Writer, Director : Anand Sivakumaran

Director of Photography : Moloy Dasgupta

Editor : Subhash Jaiswal

Music : Gourov Dasgupta

Singers : Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chohan, Krishna

Costumes Designer : Lovleen Bains

Executive Producer : Rajeev Sharma

Sound Designer : Sinoy Joseph

Background Score : Vishwajeet B

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