Darshan Do Bhagwan (Broadcast in 2002-03 on 7 Channels in 4 Languages)


A show which each week in 5 episodes narrates the legend behind one famous “Teerth Sthan’s” (Holy Shrines), the holy pilgrimage sites for Hindus.

The series narrates the entire story behind the ‘Teerth Sthan’ within a span of a week – in a hundred minutes, carrying a link from one ‘teerth’ to another whereby the story is all said in a linear order, thus making a connection between each story. Each episode of ‘Darshan Do Bhagwan’ is enriched with Original Songs, ‘Bhajans’, ‘Shlokas’, and ‘Aartees’ based on various folk tunes from various states of India. The scope of music has been utilized to the fullest and has been designed to enhance the ‘Bhakti Factor’. Each set of 5 episodes has 3-4 such additions, all these designed to enhance the ‘Bhakti’ factor.

The series explores some hitherto unknown facets of our culture, history and mythology that have given us unique angles to share with viewers about the Gods, which mankind is unaware of in general

The show is dubbed in 4 major Indian Languages – Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi & Oriya.

Darshan Do Bhagwan was the first programme ever in Indian television and perhaps in the world with 2 hours of daily telecast in 4 languages across 7 channels of ETV – a total broadcast of 10 hours a week for 210 episodes.


Sandeep Mohan

Gajendra Chohan

Harjeet Walia

Zahid Ali

Suwati Anand

Shalini Kapoor

Raju Shreshtha

Shweta Rastogi

Indu Verma


Directors: Chetan Mathur, Rakesh Dubey, Jairoop Jeevan

Producer: Atul Pandey

Writers: Varun Gautam, Gopal Verma, Mahendra Bhatnagar

D O P: Moloy Dasgupta

Art Director: T K Desai

Animation and Graphics: Digital Canvas