Bhairavi is the name of an Indian melodic form (Raag) in Hindustani classical stream of music. The word Raag is derived from the Sanskrit word Raga, which means color or passion.

The story is about the musical legacy left behind by the renowned Sitar player and Guru, Ustad Karimuddin Khan, a doyen of his own gharana of music.

Bhairavi – A Beautiful Symphony is the sensitively portrayed story of a young Sitar player Bhairavi, and the many vagaries of her life. In fact, the many moods of the various events in her life and her passage through them are hauntingly reminiscent of the various passages in the formal rendition of a classical Hindustani music piece.

Set against the backdrop of Traditional Indian Musical Gharana, the characterizations and performances bring vividly alive the drama, passion, pain, longing and despair of the players in this story that is actually a musical painting of one woman’s life.

Bhairavi is a natural evolution in form, story, technique and finesse of a new genre of films from India, taking it in fact to a different plane altogether.

Salient points to note are that Music is an integral character in the story, Hindustani Classical Sitar Rendition being at the base of the narrative. This in itself is not very special, but for the fact that the many moods of the protagonist are so very aptly mirrored by the Music.

Also key is the fact that other musical forms like Quawwalis, Alaaps, Sargam, and a song have also been used as musical devices and not just classical strains of the instruments …which is something like the backbone of the musical structure of the film.


Priya Gill

Sandeep Kulkarni

Deepak Qazir

Subrat Dutta


Producers: Atul Pandey, Uday Sinh Wala

Director: Suhail Tatari

Music: Sajjad Ali Chandwani

Director Of Photography: Shiv Karal

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