Beautiful People


After a planned terror attack goes wrong, a Handler – Shaad - is left in charge of his three jehadis awaiting new instructions. In the ‘afterlife’ of the non-event he gets to know Aslam, a boy from Gujarat who lost his sister in the pogrom’s of 2002, Salim a holy warrior who has the total Jehadi mindset and Imran, who has been sold to the terror outfit to pay off his family’s debts. Shaad’s own mythical status begins to break down as the four of them become a sleeper cell awaiting instructions for a terror strike that never comes. In the tense atmosphere of people who were not planning to be in a long-term relationship, the truth about each emerges…When Shaad receives instructions from above to ‘clean up’ and get rid off the boys, he finds he does not have it in him. Finally, an encounter cop is brought it to do the dirty work and Salim and Imran are killed. Shaad manages to save Aslam but at the cost of his own life.


Cast to be finalised


Story : Atul Pandey

Rest of the crew to be finalised

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